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Dr. Jane Goodall has said that “every species plays a role in the whole majestic mosaic of life.”

“…the animals which you slew and at your feasts, were also you.... Life is one in them all, and yours is but a portion of this same common life,” the old sage tells the King of Esarhaddon.  Leo Tolstoy, “Esarhaddon, King of Assyria.” 

“Nature’s magnificence is all around us. Savor and protect it.” Ed Yong, author of An Immense World: How Animal Senses Reveal the Hidden Realms Around Us.

When the poet and nature writer Diane Ackerman was asked if she preferred whales to bats, she replied, “I prefer life.” 


Mission: Bringing an end to animal exploitation and suffering

through advocacy, awareness, and the arts

Why privilege one species (humans) over all other animal species, when we all breathe and share the same earth?


Arukah Animal International envisions an ebullient radical empathy, a resistance to the old ways of hierarchical thinking where humans take center stage. Rather, we believe in the elation-bringing embrace of the inviolable sanctity, the dignity, and the dazzling essentialness of other-than-human animals. We recognize that their time on earth is meaningful.


Alongside presenting the stark reality of the horrors animals experience on factory farms and other exploitative industries dreamed up by our own worst selves—the destruction, the cruelty, the everyday atrocities, Arukah, an arts-centered animal-protection organization, aims to stretch our imagination in a critical and revelatory way, as a revolutionary, world-envisioning, joyful embrace of the wondrous nature of other species.


As the poets and philosophers tell us, we need to live in ways that inspire our ability to shift and shape our perceptions, to see differently the world around us, the larger-than-human world, to evolve, to insist on the freedom to change our lives, to live with a kind of openness and a sense of interdependence to empathize deeply with all who live among us.


Other-than-human animals possess fascinatingly complex emotions and sophisticated minds. There are the profound familial bonds and love and friendship, culture, language, personalities, abilities, intelligence, the remarkable inner worlds, and ways of perceiving the world. All we humans need to do is pay attention and try to imagine and feel what a pig feels, what a cow feels, chickens, turkeys, sheep, fishes, living their lives.


What stories do they tell each other and what do those stories say about who we are as humans? What do pigs, outrageously exuberant and high-spirited, when living freely and in the fullness of life, chat with each other about in feisty oinks, grunts, squeals, and “nuff nuff” sounds? What do they communicate when imprisoned in the stygian abyss of factory farms?


 Let us become a universe of majestic, magnificent, soaring actions. What are we capable of creating together through pledges, investigations, films, stories, poetry, photography, initiatives, drawings, essays, illustrations, paintings, celebrating and mourning and illuminating and doing?

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