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Tailed BANDA CHARITY FOUNDATION: Protecting Our Furry Friends and Building a Brighter Future

By Lena Palagnuk


In the heart of Kyiv, Ukraine, a group of likeminded, passionate animal-protection volunteers came together in 2021 to establish Tailed BANDA, a charitable foundation dedicated to safeguarding and rescuing animals in need. Our mission is to promote the trend of love for animals in our now war-ravaged home. Despite facing nearly impossible odds, we remain undeterred, driven by an unwavering purpose. We not only have helped over 500 abandoned dogs find new and beautiful lives, but also assisted others profoundly affected by the upheaval.

A Journey of Compassion and Ardent Determination

For several years, at the Kyiv Municipal Animal Shelter, in Borodyanka, we showered the dogs with the greatest affection, treating body and soul, the richest kindnesses we possessed bestowed upon these lovely individuals. But after the most terrible betrayal, when, in April, 2022, the government shelter's administration abandoned 485 dogs without food or water during a time of occupation, leaving 222 dead, we worked tirelessly to save the survivors. This devastating event, which will always be burned into our memories, only scratched the surface of the gut-wrenching heartbreak and loss faced by countless animals in Ukraine.

Amid the turmoil, we worked indefatigably and in countless ways to help everywhere we could. Our projects soon evolved to encompass a wide range of charitable activities, aimed at alleviating the ongoing suffering of Ukrainian animals.

Tailed BANDA Foundation’s Main Goals are:

  • Caring for homeless animals and promoting responsible treatment and maintenance;

  • Combating cruelty and providing aid to the injured;

  • Advocating for humane regulation of the homeless population;

  • Supporting shelters and those individuals caring for the animals;

  • Developing and implementing state, regional, and local programs and policies related to animals and the environment;

  • Facilitating adoptions from shelters and finding loving homes.

Expanding Tailed BANDA’s Impact

We at Tailed BANDA soon realized that merely offering first-aid kits and veterinary care to dogs was only half the solution to protecting these fiercely loyal companions. Let’s save their lives while they save ours. After all, dogs were ever-present serving the war in the armed forces, stationed at the borders, with the national guard, the police, in all manner of defense. As the dogs ventured into dangerous settings—from devastated buildings to forests to searching for mines to rescuing injured soldiers—we witnessed the additional risks posed to these beloved animals' well-being. It became clear that comprehensive care required providing them with a full set of essential resources, ranging from medications to parasite treatments.

Ensuring that every individual receives the necessary protection for their well-being demands significant financial resources. These individual animals require year-round treatment, and the escalating dangers due to neighboring conflicts further amplify the challenges faced by these daring defenders. With the support of patrons like you, however, through Tailed BANDA’s Patreon program, you can supply all furry friends with the essential provisions they need without any delay. Your generous donations will enable Tailed BANDA to save precious lives and continue safeguarding a much hoped-for peaceful coexistence.

Joining Forces for a Brighter Future

Together, let's rally behind these beautiful and brave tailed defenders, from medication to parasite treatments to protecting their lives, to making their home a more hospitable place. By supporting Tailed BANDA, you contribute to the safety and welfare of animals desperately in need. After all, their saved lives are the guarantee of our future. You have two meaningful ways to contribute to this worthy cause:


Hundreds of dogs serve in various emergency agencies to ensure our safety. They perform a wide range of tasks and often hurt themselves.

Your financial help will contribute to additional First-Aid kits:

  • Equipping emergency response dogs with first-aid kits;

  • Providing necessary medications for emergency situations;

  • Saving their lives with timely and effective first aid.

Dogs often serve in fields, forests, and open areas with grass. There is a constant risk of infection with parasites. Your generous financial contributions will allow Tailed BANDA to provide hundreds of tailed companions with essential means for treatment. Here are other impacts your donations will also make:

  • Ensuring dogs are protected from ticks, fleas, and worms.

  • Preventing the spread of serious diseases carried by parasites.

  • Helping to maintain these heroes’ health.


Through this initiative, you can directly assist Tailed BANDA’s tailed friends by making small, regular financial contributions. By joining the Patreon community, you empower Tailed BANDA to:

  • Provide temporary shelter and care for animals in need;

  • Ensure animals receive necessary medication and treatment;

  • Support spaying and neutering efforts;

  • Assist in transporting animals to their new homes;

  • Promote and advertise to help them find forever homes;

  • Ultimately, save lives and build a better future.

A Holistic Approach to Animal Protection

Tailed BANDA stands as a beacon of hope, championing the protection of animals across Ukraine. The steadfast dedication of the volunteers, coupled with the support of compassionate individuals like you, creates a deeply caring society where its tailed friends can flourish. Together, we can build a promising future, knowing that each saved life represents a testament to our shared commitment to love and the profound respect of all individual lives.

Join Tailed BANDA today and discover the sheer joy of making a difference for which we are very grateful.

Payment details for donations:


Phone: +38 095 572 1110

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