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My Visit to Ukraine

By Tenzin Thosam

As a board member of Arukah Animal International, I have always been passionate about animal welfare. So, when the opportunity arose to visit Poland and Kiev, Ukraine, as a volunteer worker, I jumped at the chance.

It has been an unsettling trip because of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Despite the risks, I was determined to continue with my mission of helping animals in need. I set out to visit animal shelters outside of Kiev.

As I arrived at the shelter, I saw dozens of cats and hundreds of dogs. The animals looked scared and helpless, but I knew that by visiting, I could make a difference. I spent a few hours talking to the caregivers there and tried to understand the situation.

After spending time at the shelter, I decided to visit the nearby towns of Irpin and Bucha, where I found many animals who had been abandoned by their families during the invasion. They were wandering the streets, searching for food and water, and suffering from various ailments.

I couldn't just walk away. I made some short videos and took many photos, wanting to document their condition and hoping to raise awareness of their terrible circumstances. I hope I can make a difference by posting the scenes I witnessed online and sharing it with animal lovers like you in America and across the world.

Despite the chaos and danger of the war, I continued visiting shelters and rescue centers, doing what I could to help animals in need. The depth of despair and pain these suffering animals endured broke my heart a little more each time.

The war had taken a toll on both animals and their families, and I hoped for a peaceful resolution. I longed for the day when these individual beings would be in a safe and secure environment once again, with their loving families by their side.

As I returned home, I could not shake the memory of the animals I had encountered. Their innocent faces and desperate cries of anguish stayed with me, and I knew that I had to continue fighting for their protection.

That's why I am sharing my story with you, dear reader. I hope that by sharing my experience, you will be inspired to help Arukah Animal International in our mission to provide aid to animals in need around the world.

Together, we can make a difference and create a better world for these brave and innocent individuals. Let us work towards a future where all animals can live in peace and harmony with their human companions.

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